Nordic Homes – Pohjoisia koteja

Pictures / Denmark, June 2013


Louise singing / CPH the 11th of June

at the roof

after the concert at the old lacquer factory

Kirstine & Louise

Kirstine & Louise

After the concert

"The Tower" in BP 43

Kirsi's first bike rides in CPH

Kirsi’s first bike rides in CPH!

Meeting a composer

Kirsi & Kirstine meeting and playing with a composer Jexper Holmen

Concert Flowers

Concert flowers, thank you Ask!

Some office time in the train

Some office time in the train

Kai's aluphone

Kai’s amazing Aluphone, click here to listen

At Kai's place in Stige, Odense

Home Concert in Stige, Odense, the 13th of June

Koncert tonight!

Koncert tonight! Gødstrup, Næstved, the 17th of June

poppies is gødstrup


Tabita playing Bach

Fire Juggling

Mikkel’s fire show

Fire Juggling

1806 Sorø

In Sorø, the 18th of June. Everything is ready, soon we start!

1806 Sorø

Benjamin playing hang

Benjamin playing hang, accompanied by Hans, bass clarinet


KaffeKontra, CPH, the 19th of June

is this a happy rose?

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