Nordic Homes – Pohjoisia koteja

About FluteMachine

Floating along the boarders of contemporary folk and modern, classical music the duo creates their arrangements within the wide frames of improvisation
The music of FluteMachine represents a unique unit of different approaches.
Kirsi Ojala and Kirstine Lindemann have their roots in the radically different fields of Finnish folk and classical recorder music.

Working with improvisation as the main tool of both their creative process and the general expression these two branches of music come to sound in a unique meltdown of percussive flute sounds, melodic wind duets and flute fights – all as part of the unlimited, expressive features of FluteMachine.

Playfulness and melodic lines are key words both whether the duo rearranges material from the Fenno-Ugrian / Nordic folk music tradition, works with classical composers or when they compose themselves.


Photo by Ruth Landesa


Photo by Matti Jakkula



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