Nordic Homes – Pohjoisia koteja

Become a Host or a Home Artist

FluteMachine is always looking for new adventures, new journeys and experiences.

New hosts and participants in the projects are most welcome to join in – if you’d like to become a home concert host, a home artist or if you have ideas for new turns and trips on the path of Nordic Homes, please leave us a mail or a comment here.

We’ll be very happy to hear from you.

Help us to spread the word and make the project grow.

As a host of Nordic Homes we’re asking you to take part and let the project arise with your visions and ambitions to shape the evening. Your home and you will create the heart of the project.

At Kai's place in Stige, Odense

When hosting Nordic Homes we’re asking you to:

  • Invite your friends, colleagues, neigbours, who ever is interested to come to the concert
  • Help us announce and promote the concert e.g. by forwarding and editing press material for the local newspaper / local shops / library / music school etc.

1906, Sorø


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