Nordic Homes – Pohjoisia koteja

About the Project of Nordic Homes

Nordic Homes is a project based on concerts and workshops held in private homes and public venues in Finland, Denmark and Iceland 2013 – 2014. FluteMachine (Lindemann & Ojala) is the main coordinator of the project whilst collaborating with local hosts, composers and artists in all three countries.


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This is our story so far:


The group of artists working together: Kirsi Ojala (FI), Kirstine Lindemann (DK), Ilkka Heinonen (FI), Noora Nenonen (FI) and Ásthildur Ákadottir (IS).

Home concerts, public concerts, workshops and artist collaborations in Seyðisfjörður, Neskaupstaður and Reykjavik.

Click here to see photos and articles from Iceland.

Design Ásthildur Ákadottir


10.6. Home Concert in Nyhavn, Copenhagen (host Jeppe Priess Gersbøll)

11.6. Workshop and Concert in an old lacquer factory, Prags Boulevard 43, Copenhagen

13.6. Home Concert in Stige, Odense (host Kai Stensgaard)

17.6. Home Concert in Gødstrup, Næstved (host Tabita Jäpelt)

18.6. Home Concert in Sorø (host Ursula Dieterich-Pedersen)

19.6. FluteMachine playing in KaffeKontra, Copenhagen

19.6. Home Concert in Copenhagen (host Maja Lindemann)



12.7. Home Concert in Nekala, Tampere (host Noora Nenonen)

13.7. Home Concert in Töölö, Helsinki (host Annastiina Vartiainen)

18.7. Home Concert in Loviisa (host Beniamino Borghi)

19.7. Home Concert in Porvoo (host Kirsi Ojala)









Foto by Andre Demony

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